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NEPCON VIETNAM 2008 Report and Word of Thanks
Between May 8 and 10, the NEPCON VIETNAM 2008 exhibition was held in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. This was the first time for a NEPCON exhibition to be held in the Vietnam region, which over the last few years has been expected to follow China in showing rapid growth particularly in the SMT market.
JUKI booth
As the “the next market” signified by the holding of this exhibition for the first time, many students specializing in SMT came to study the exhibits, which may be said to be a characteristic of Vietnam.
JUKI booth
JUKI SMT models and gave simple introductions to the exhibits. JUKI SMT ASIA CO., LTD. gained experience in holding their own SMT exhibition through the JUKI EXPO that they held last year, and at this exhibition which gathered together many companies from the industry they could give their Vietnamese visitors an introduction to modular mounters making the most of the features unique to JUKI.
JUKI booth
For the visitors to the booth, JUKI’s main products, the High-speed Modular Mounter FX-1R and the High-speed Flexible Mounter KE-2080 were arranged at both ends of the booth. Interspersed with demonstrations, easy to understand guidance was provided while giving guests the opportunity to directly operate the equipment and view detailed parts of the machine that are not normally shown, which was highly appreciated by visitors.
Further, by showing a DVD video presentation introducing JUKI’s new High-speed Modular Mounter FX-3 machine in the center of the booth, JUKI could offer the ideal machine for supporting mass production in markets including China and Vietnam. Featuring the industry’s smallest machine depth, superior productivity, together with the fact that previously purchased JUKI resources can be jointly used, JUKI received high anticipation and lavish praise for its new products that have always been developed from the customer’s viewpoint.
JUKI booth
For more information about the products exhibited, please feel free to contact JUKI SMT ASIA CO., LTD. at +66-3846-5306.
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