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JUKI recently exhibited at the 2nd ROBODEX Robot Development & Application Exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight January 17th-19th 2018.The RS1 high-speed Smart modular mounter demonstrated a wide range of part handling capability and high productivity.  Automated parts supply and management was another theme in the JUKI booth.  This technology reduces labor and improves efficiency.  A robotic insertion concept for post SMT processing of odd-form components was also shown. Many visitors came from around the world and the show as a great success.
JUKI boothrobodex2robodex3
1. component supply and management system

 A fully automated component supply and management system was demonstrated using our Intelligent Storage Management along with a new robotic insertion/extraction and delivery robot.  This completely automated package not only collects the required components automatically, the robot can also deliver the components to the required location. An automatic external elevator module transfers tthe components between the storage tower and the delivery robot.

JUKI booth
2. Variable Efficiency Solution

The "Variable Efficiency Solution", all-in-one RS-1 mounter, combines high speed insertion capability with wide range component handling. The RS-1 can adapt on the fly to the component requirements providing the best possible solution for nearly any PCB and environment, from high speed/low change to high mix production.


3. post- SMT process robot solution

 A post- SMT process robot for odd form insertion improves quality and productivity compared to hand insertion.  Using technology from our established JM series along with a very flexible robotic arm allows the handling of a very wide range of components. When combined with a JM Series odd-form insertion machne, users can greatly increas the level of automation in their factories.

JUKI booth
JUKI booth

4.SMT Total System Software JaNets

We introduced our JaNets software for smart factories.  This software allows full visualization of production, setup optimization and SMT production status. It also allows collaboration among facilities, connection to factory ERP/MES software. Features include remote support, productivity improvement, and maintenance prediction.

 We will celebrate our 80th anniversary on December 15th..  Our company has delivered over 40,000 machines for SMT assembly around the world. Our goal is to become the prefered solution partner to our customers by delivering innovative products and services that solve customer problems and improve productivity throughout the factory.  
Thank you for visiting us.
For inquiries about the products at ROBODEX and any other JUKI product, please contact our sales office (TEL +81-42-357-2289)
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