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JISSO PROTEC 2009 Report
Between Wednesday, June 3 and Friday, June 5, JUKI exhibited its products at the 11th Jisso Process Technology Exhibition (JISSO PROTEC 2009) held at the Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center). This year, JISSO PROTEC was again held jointly with the JPCA (Japan Electronic Packaging and Circuits Association) Show and the JIEP (Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging) Microelectronics Show, and the well-attended events were successfully completed.
JUKI booth
At the JUKI booth at this year’s exhibition, a lineup of JUKI’s latest products were introduced under the theme of “Reassurance through Visualization, by Using JUKI Technology” – Meet The JUKI Solutions -
JUKI booth
For high speed, high quality motorized production lines, JUKI offered combinations of its FX-3 High-speed Modular Mounter and the KE Series latest machine types to realize lines capable of realizing mass production at high speed and high quality with reasonable cost.
Points including the fact that customers can make effective use of their existing assets without waste were very highly appreciated by visitors.
JUKI booth
  JUKI booth
JUKI booth
For multi-product type, small-lot production lines, JUKI proposed its latest “IS” system product which has been attracting attention for its support of customers from various viewpoints including increased efficiency due to visualized administration and automation, reduction of human error, and prevention of problem occurrence.
In the “IS” product, all the information, from the scheduling and program data created in the office to the production programs used in the plants, production control information, and product information is concentrated in the server, allowing this centrally administered information to be shared at the required locations.
In addition, by linking a number of production lines (the entire shop floor) using Ethernet, the entire mounting floor can be visualized to realize improved productivity.
Introductions combining demonstrations of program efficiency improvement using RFID tags, and of on-demand production by reading in circuit board bar codes were carried out, which were greatly appreciated by visitors.
JUKI booth
In addition, a full lineup of products was introduced including the CX-1 Next-generation Placer, which expands the possibilities of bare chip supply, and the KD-2077 High-speed Dispenser.
JUKI booth
  JUKI booth
Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to visit the JUKI Booth during the exhibition period. For enquiries concerning the equipment exhibited, please feel free to contact the JUKI sales team at +81-3-3480-3330.
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