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NEPCON/EMT SOUTH CHINA Report and Word of Thanks
Between August 26 and 28, JUKI exhibited its products at NEPCON South China 2009, China’s largest SMT industry exhibition that was held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The highly popular event was successfully completed, recording a total of 20,708 visitors over the 3-day period according to the organizer’s figures.
JUKI booth At the JUKI booth, introductions were given centered on the FX-3 high-speed mounter that has been highly popular since its release, together with a variety of JUKI’s latest models including the new type JX-100 entry level mounter model and the latest IS intelligent shop floor system software.
At the exhibition booth showing the FX-3 new type high-speed mounter and the latest KE series models, proposals were made to realize mass production at high speed with high quality at reasonable cost, which were highly regarded by many customers.
High-speed Modular Mounter FX-3
JUKI booth
Floor productivity improvement support system IS As well as giving a favorable evaluation of the JX-100 that was being exhibited for the first time, together with the various other latest models, visitors also expressed great interest in JUKI’s IS intelligent shop floor solutions as a new type of system software that allows visualization of the entire shop floor, increases in productivity, and quality improvement.
In the future, JUKI will support customers’ expectations by continuing to implement even higher levels of sales and support activities that are closely targeted at regions, and will strive to realize customer satisfaction.
JUKI booth
※ For more information about the machines exhibited, please feel free to contact our sales team in Tokyo JUKI International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch Office at +86-755-2668-8670.
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