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APEX 2008
APEX 2008 Report and Word of Thanks
Between April 1 and 3, 2008, APEX 2008 was held in Las Vegas. This city, also known as a representative US convention city, is blessed with convenient transportation, and this year’s APEX exhibition welcomed a large number of guests.
APEX 2008
JUKI booth
At the exhibition this time, JUKI’s local subsidiary, JUKI AUTOMATION SYSTEMS INC., introduced a lineup of JUKI SMT models using unique methods of presenting the exhibits. With one of the largest booths located in the center of the venue, a giant high-luminosity JUKI screen, and an environmentally considerate exhibiting concept, JUKI was able to create a strong impression among the exhibition visitors, and we believe guests could appreciate JUKI’s genuine pleasure as the world’s leading SMT machine manufacturer.
For this year’s exhibition, various demonstrations were prepared in order that visitors could gain a greater understanding of JUKI products. In the high-speed mounting display corner, demonstrations of high-speed mounting were carried out for the High-speed Modular Mounter FX Series that realizes high productivity in a small space, and the High-speed Flexible Mounter KE-2080 in a line configuration, showing the new progress made by JUKI mounters and receiving high appreciation from visitors.
Further, in keeping with the Las Vegas image, actual production of circuit boards (including 0402) as giveaways for visitors was carried out from printing to reflow using JUKI’s current main machines, the KE-2000 Series. Additionally, the display of the next-generation Advanced Flexible Placer CX-1 also attracted great attention. Following from last year, at this year’s highly successful exhibition on-site sales were conducted of JUKI’s highly popular High-speed Modular Mounter FX-1R and High-speed Flexible Mounter KE-2080 machines, and it was possible to experience once again the enthusiastic support of our US users.
As another highlight of the exhibition this year, JUKI’s original production support system represented by its “Offset Placement After Solder Screen-printing” (solder recognition placement) was awarded the Software Production Prize in the New Product Introduction (NPI) Awards held by Circuits Assembly magazine, gaining recognition for JUKI’s efforts and results in the SMT production solutions field.
JUKI booth
For more information about the products exhibited, please feel free to contact JUKI SMT ASIA CO., LTD. at +66-3846-5306.
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