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Product Overview
Pick & Placer
  This is a machine that can mount small-sized electronics including capacitors and resistors.
General-purpose Pick & Placer
  This is a machine that can mount small-sized parts and electronics including ICs and connectors at high speeds with a high degree of accuracy.
Bare-chip Flexible Pick and Placer
  IC(semiconductor integrated circuitjis an electronic circuit having various functions made of a small plate called gIC chiph (a circuit pattern is exposed on a semiconductor such as silicon wafer and cut into smaller chips), capacitors and other elements mounted on a substrate covered with resin, etc. Recently, bare chips are mounted directly on a printed circuit board or multiple bare chips and electronic parts are combined into a single part in order to increase packaging density corresponding to the trends to miniaturization and higher-function of mobile devices. The Bare-chip Flexible Pick and Placer is a new machine that can mount minute bare chips and electronics with a single machine.
Small-type Pick & Placer
  This is a high-precision and Flexible Pick & Placer appropriate for fields where usability and cost-performance are emphasized than speed (e. g., experimental production or limited production of diversified products). It can mount the most recent elements with a mounting precision as excellent as high-level models.
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