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Product Overview
1-needle, straight stitch sewing machine
1-needle, straight stitch sewing machine This is intended for sewing straight seams. Since this type of machine is required to provide an increased speed and durability, various contrivances are introduced in many parts of the machine. It is JUKI's strong field, and its sales volume is large.
Overlock/safety-stitch sewing machine
  Overlock/safty-stitch sewing machine This type of machine finishes material edges so that they do not fray. Overlock/safety-stitch sewing machines are used for almost all of sewing products ranging from handkerchiefs, jeans wear and heavyweight carpets.
Zigzag stitch sewing machine

igzag stitch sewing machine This is intended for sewing zigzag stitches. Since zigzag stitches are naturally elastic, they have been usually used for sewing inner wear, etc. The latest models are capable of sewing, in addition to zigzag stitches, a broad range of clothing such as ladies' jackets and blouses for sewing unique decorative patterns.

Buttonhole sewing machine
  Buttonhole sewing machine This is intended for sewing buttonholes. It is used for buttonholing jeans, chino pants, and men's and ladies' jackets. The machine offers easy and quick adjustment when changing buttonhole size to match the button size.
Automatic machine
  Automatic machine A single machine is capable of performing entire process for sewing pockets from folding a pocket piece, sewing it on the body part and sewing the reinforcing stitches on the pocket lip. It is a sewing robot to help achieve streamlining of a plant. Conventionally, the pocket-sewing processes are carried out by three or four operators. However, one automatic machine is able to quickly complete the same processes. The automatic machine also offers another advantage to allow an inexperienced new comer to run up pockets of uniform quality.
  This is able to automatically sew pre-set number of buttons on a men's shirt only by placing a right front body on the machine. It contributes to significantly the increased efficiency by sewing buttons with consistency while eliminating even small differences in intervals or horizontal positions of buttons that are usually caused by manual work
Sewing machine for leather or heavyweight materials
  Sewing machine for leather or heavyweight materialsThis is used for manufacturing bags, shoes, seat belts and golf bags, etc.
* Contents on a page for industrial sewing machines offer you the information on how various types of industrial sewing machines are used depending on kinds and parts of clothing. Please visit the page and check with your own eyes.
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