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What are Household Sewing Machines and Semi-Professional Sewing Machines?b
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Household Sewing Machines
HZL-E80 Computer Sewing Machine with 150-Stitch Patterns including 8 Automatic Buttonholes & Letter Sewing.
HZL-E71 Computer Sewing Machine with 50-Stitch Patterns including 8 Automatic Buttonholes.
HZL-E61 Computer Sewing Machine with 20-Stitch Patterns including 3 Automatic Buttonholes.
HZL-E50 Computer Sewing Machine with 20-Stitch Patterns including 4 Automatic Buttonholes.
HZL-E40 Computer Sewing Machine with 15-Stitch Patterns including 2 Automatic Buttonholes.
HZL-30Z Simple and Compact Sewing Machine with 17-Stitch Patterns including 2-Step Buttonhole.
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