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Household Sewing Machines

Quilt & Pro Special A single household sewing machine is equipped with all of the sewing capabilities required to enjoy needlework such as straight stitching, zigzag stitching, and buttonholing at home. Some models come with helpful features such as automatic thread tension adjustment and a series of reverse-stitching/thread-trimming functions with pushbutton controls.

Semi-Professional Sewing Machines
  The semi-professional machines are designed to perform straight stitching with beautifully finished seams. The maximum sewing speed of the semi-professional machine is about double of that of the household machine. The semi-professional machine is also considerably more durable and provides a larger sewing space to help the user handle larger materials. Needlework fans and hobbyist quilt-makers from all over the world are now showing an interest in JUKIfs semi-professional machine and contributing to its international popularity.
The semi-professional machine can be equipped with presser feet/work clamps identical to those used for industrial sewing machines, and exclusive presser feet/work clamps such as the quilting foot are also available.
  Home Sergers
  Overlock sewing machines for household use are generically referred to as ghome sergers.h
The main purpose of the home sergers is to finish seam allowances of garments in order to prevent fraying. The seams made by the home sergers have a knitted-stitch-like structure and can be adapted to stretchy fabrics. The home sergers is used not only for finishing fabric edges, but also for joining T-shirts, trainers, and sportswear.
  In addition to its practical uses, the home sergers can be used in conjunction with attractive accessories such as a beading presser foot and gathering presser foot.
  Cover stichA complex machine (Combo Machine) capable of performing both overlocking and bottom cover stitching has recently been launched. Cover stitching is a method for overlocking the bottoms and sleeve mouths of knits without cutting the fabric
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