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Profile of JUKI Quality Concept at JIAM2005.

JUKI CORPORATION proudly announce that we are running a booth at JIAM2005,Japan International Apparel Machinery Trade Show, to be held for the 4-day period of May 18 through May 21, 2005 at INTEX OSAKA, along with “We are CS Professionals Creating the next value” as our basic concept for the exhibition.You’ll see a globular shaped balloon coming out from a bouncy ball behind, as our corporate symbol designed for this event, conveying you our message that Customers’ Satisfaction and quality cachet with us are generated in global marketplaces on our springy quality response to all of your needs, demands and requirements. Welcome aboard to our totally quality and customer-oriented world as ever with 120 stands to make your business more fruitful and productive, we assure.

Trend in the world sewing industry is that the state-of?the-art machinery incorporated with cutting-edge technology in upgraded production lines output higher quality of sewing products at lower cost while prompting quicker delivery to orders.Innovation gives a merchandise competitive edge creating new value in the meantime.Focusing on this principle, JUKI has been exerting ceaseless efforts in technical development coupled with higher quality services in every aspect to customers.We will be excited at the prospect of serving you in global marketplaces with new values and satisfaction both through supportive hardware and software for long.Customer Satisfaction and Creation of first-rate Values are what we keep looking ahead as our corporate policy.
JUKI offers a wide range of supports indispensable for efficiency at plant and manufacture of high quality products. Our specialized engineers provide customers with solutions both in hardware and software to problems caused by difference in specialties and methods at each production line and each plant, to troubles and decrease in productivity raised by increasing variation of materials, which are no easy to settle by customers themselves.
Quick response to consumers needs is essential in manufacturing. JUKI has always evolved the basic performances of sewing machines such as quality of sewing and productivity, etc. listening to the voices from customers at manufacturing. Furthermore as a trailblazer in this area of profession, we have developed Direct-drive, Dry-head, Active-tension and Information Technology equipped on the sewing machines.Our goal Provide products that really satisfy customers is unchanged at all times.
Quick and proper action toward troubles that may result in the deterioration of productivity and quality is indispensable nowadays when more quality, more cost reduction and faster delivery are demanded. JUKI has 58 sales representatives and service centers in 21 countries in the world. We have established the organization to be able to cope with troubles at plant and various kinds of problems most quickly possible.