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New Product Release Information
April 26, 2007
Single-thread, Chainstitch, Button Sewing Machine
MB-1370 Series

JUKI will release the single-thread, chainstitch, button sewing machine MB-1370 series
which is equipped as standard with unprecedented thread-fray-prevention function and other
functions to meet requirements of various users following user-friendliness on May 11th.
The machine is developed based upon the current MB-373NS and MB-377NS to succeed
their reputable functionality, operability and productivity and even upgrade their superiority
with newly designed sophisticated form. The machine sews buttons of various clothes such as
men's suits and ladies' blouses and buttons of different sewing patterns quickly with rigid
and excellent seams. Moreover the machine is superior in cost-effectiveness to be able to
combine high-performance with low cost.

  Thread-Fray-Prevention ON/OFF Changeover Mechanism
・The machine is provided as standard with a "thread-fray-prevention ON/OFF changeover mechanism" to help produce beautiful seams with added durability.
・Finished stitches do not fray, even after durability-to-laundry tests of 200 times or more. Durability has already been proven at QTEC* using the JISL0217103 method. It was shown to be extremely high.

Quick stitch shape changing mechanism
・Stitch shape can easily be changed over between U and X button-hole configurations only by operating the lever. In addition, this single machine is able to sew two different kinds of buttons to save space and increase availability. (MB-1377)
・The machine is able to change over the stitching mode between 2-holed and 4-holed buttons according to any design change.

  Speedy Sewing
・The machine sews buttons with an optimum number of stitches; 8, 16 or 32, according to the sewing conditions.
・The attachments used for your conventional machines are applicable as they are.
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