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New Product Release Information
April 26, 2007
High-end model of JUKI 1-needle lockstitch machines
Direct-drive, High-speed, Lockstitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer
DDL-9000A Series

JUKI will release the renewed top-end lockstitch machine DDL-9000A series which has been
thoroughly upgraded the basics of lockstitch machines,“Sewing” and “Feeding”on May 11th.
The series had been our flagship with a great number of reputations from users and our evolving
direct-drive lockstitch machine series were renewed by adding a “Semi-dry head” type requested
by many users to our product line, consisting together with Minute-quantity lubrication head type
and Fully-dry head type.  The new series were created back to the basics of sewing machine
performance such as increasing the efficiency of feed (by 50%), sewing range (by 30%), and
prevention of stitch gathering, thread flapping or slackening to satisfy our customers.
The new series combine high-performance with 1/5 of power consumption of the current series
and lower price, which make the new series further attractive.
We have aimed to achieve “Quick, comfortable and simple operation” and the results are evident
in the machine’s user-friendly shape, in the materials used in the construction, and in a structure
and arrangement, designed for good viewability and easy adjustment.

  ・The efficiency of feed has increased by 50% as compared with the conventional models.
・Stitch gathering is reduced under an extra-low presser foot pressure.
・The machine has a range of sewing capabilities which is 30% lager than that of the conventional models.
・The thread take-up lever reduces thread flapping or loosening, which otherwise results in stitching failures.
・The DDL-9000A Series is provided with a hook which is interchangeable with that for the conventional models.
  ・The machine provides stress-free maintenance to achieve ease of use.
・Maintainability of parts which are frequently removed and attached for adjusting the presser foot have been further improved.
・A steplessly adjustable stitch dial has been adopted to enable stitch-length setting with added accuracy.
・The machine adopts a new picker mechanism and a bobbin-friendly material for the picker tip.
・The micro-lifter screw is located on the front of the operation panel. This allows the operator to frequently adjust the micro-lifter by means of the screw without standing up.
・Simple lubrication keeps the operator's hands clean.
  ・The "direct-drive motor", which transfers the motor power to the machine with no energy loss, not only offers economical benefits due to the power reduction, but also reduces the machine's vibration and operating noise, thereby helping reduce operator fatigue.
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