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■ Our Efforts in Green Logistics
The Juki group, as a leader in its industry, has been one of the first companies to promote CO2 reduction in the transportation of products.
In as early as April 2001, for example, we completely changed our method for transporting industrial sewing machines by containers. When shipping export products before, we used to transport the empty containers by truck from Tokyo or Yokohama port all the way back to our plant in Ohtawara City, Tochigi Prefecture. Now, we transport the containers only a short distance, to our plant in Ohtawara City from the international cargo terminal in Utsunomiya city, nearby.
Later, in November 2004, we introduced a new system for the round-trip transport of loaded containers by railroad in cooperation with Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. and Japan Freight Railway Company. Then, in April 2006, we began transporting products by rail between Akita and Tokyo/Yokohama. Through this last adjustment, we have reduced our CO2 emission by 1,687 tons per year.
CO2 reduction through logistical improvements
ECO-RAIL Certification
In February 2009, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism awarded JUKI the "ECO-RAIL mark" (*1) in recognition of the company’s efforts to ship more products by rail, an environment-friendly mode of transportation.
Today, 41% or more of JUKI’s total domestic inland transportation of containers for export, mainly industrial sewing machines and SMT systems, is handled as railroad cargo transportation. There are now about 50 companies in Japan certified with the ECO-RAIL mark. JUKI is the first apparel- and SMT-related manufacturer among them to acquire the mark.
*1 What is the ECO-RAIL mark?
The "ECO-RAIL mark" is a logo established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to promote the reduction of environment loads in logistics. Railroad cargo transport generates only about one-eighth (According to the website of Railway Freight Associoation.) of the CO2 emission generated by truck transport. The ECO-RAIL mark system was commenced in 2005 as a way to show consumers which companies have low environment loads.
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