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Sales ratio by segment
Net sales by region
Sewing machinery business

【Industrial sewing machines】
- Industrial sewing machine supporting world apparel industry -
・Industrial sewing machines are widely used not only for apparel industry but also for the manufactures of bags, shoes, furniture, and car seat, etc.
・ Our industrial sewing machines are firmly supported from customers in about 180 nations covered by our sales and services network.

【Household sewing machines】
-Rich and varied sewing life through high grade sewing functions-
We offer the high-level models that can make embroideries, sewing machines only for utility purposes, and semi-professional small overlock machines that can meet the needs of professionals. Our products attract a wide range of people.

SMT systems business
- A pioneer of modular type Pick & Placer -
・ We proposed the modular method to construct a line by connecting multiple unites for the first time in the industry. The modular method has become widely used.
・ We have the advantage of general-purpose machines that can correspond to various parts such as connectors and ICs, etc.
・ A new model , "CX-1" ventures into a new field, which can contain bare chips that are more delicate than ordinary parts and have very high mounting precision.
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